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Soul friends!

I'd like to invite you to Vitamin P's life-altering transmissions.

Every Monday at 5pm PT, join me for an hour of mind-bending, heart-opening, consciousness-evolving expansion…

It looks like this –

  • Hop on a video chat to a bunch of beautiful faces & diverse souls. Say "hey!"

  • Get nourished and energetically aligned with a guided meditation.

  • Receive a spontaneous teaching/transmission inspired by what's emerging right now in my life and purpose. I'll be bringing the raw, the weird, the wonderful, and the WOW.

  • Meet someone new and have a beautiful + vulnerable conversation on what the weekly topic evokes for you.

  • If it’s your turn in the spotlight, get some coaching for all to witness & learn from! (When one person does their work, it makes a difference for everyone)

All in an hour or less. Bam. A potent dose of inspiration + connection vitamin to enliven your week.

Why am I doing this?

For your enjoyment + liberation.

… and selfishly…

Because I am under-extended right now. I'd be happier serving more, and I want to do so in an easeful way with a minimum of BS. This magical container is my dream come true.

What's it cost?

It's a gift. You can show up without paying a thing, or you can offer a return gift. I ask you to come to 2 transmissions before even considering a return gift, then I'll share how "return gifting" works. (Inspired by Charles Eisenstein)

Why join?

Because the light and the dark in you wants to dance with the light and the dark in me, and other amazing humans. Perhaps you know me well, or we’ve just crossed paths, or you like my stuff on the interwebs. You want a little more Vitamin P in your life because it will help you bring more Vitamin YOU into your life…

“I loved this. What a delightful gift this is! Wow! Time with Peter is a delightful play session with your dreams, aspirations, hang-ups, and fears. Everything becomes new, possible, and playful!”
— Nathan Novero
I really enjoyed and valued that experience. The meditation was fantastic and beautifully facilitated, and I found it interesting to explore different layers and perspectives in our discussion. It opened up new channels and pathways for my own process, and reminded me of deeper knowings that lay dormant in me. Thank you so much!
— Tess Fitzgerald

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