Wedding Dance Off!  Photo credit  UNIQUE LAPIN Photography

Wedding Dance Off! Photo credit UNIQUE LAPIN Photography

Special Announcement:

The next Man Business program begins in January, 2019, and there are just 3 spots available.
If you’re excited about being in this program, let’s talk… pronto.

In your quest to find the right support to grow your mission-driven business, you just stumbled upon a rare gem.

It’s a hybrid of two beautiful things – business coaching and men’s community.

Forget the super expensive year-long programs, and the mass-market business trainings that try to cram you into their formulas while making you sick to your soul.

For savvy, successful entrepreneurs who know that their most extraordinary impact develops from the inside-out, and who value authentic connection with other men, try on this formula –

Tailored guidance for you and your business
A supportive circle of other visionary businessmen
Man Business!

If this sounds exciting to you, read on and we’ll take you under the hood of Man Business.

The Five Core Principles of Man Business

1. Alignment is everything.

When all parts of you and your business are in coherent alignment, everything flows. It becomes obvious which opportunities to pursue and which to decline, it becomes clear how to design your business – from the highest-level architecture to the tiniest details – and you become a magnet for clients and money.

2. You mirror your business.

In Man Business, when you’re stuck in your business, more often than not, we won’t try to “solve” your external business “problem.” Instead we’ll look at where you’re energetically stuck, right here and now. By unlocking that spot and tapping you back into your deepest essence, new possibilities will open up in your business.

3. Your business should fit you like a tailored suit.

Your visionary identity, values, and perspective need to show up not just in the work you do but how you design and run your business itself. Get obsessed with how to structure, market, and sell your work in a way that feels no less alive than the work itself. Once again, alignment.

4. Follow the path of highest resonance.

Growing a business takes work, but that “work” doesn’t need to be stressful. It’s possible to bring lightness, purpose, fun, and joy into everything you do. It’s possible to create leverage and work less as your business grows. The key is to follow the breadcrumb trail of resonance, and melt through resistance rather than battling it.

5. Together is better.

Being a leader – especially a solo entrepreneur – can be lonely and isolating, but it absolutely doesn't need to be. Find other men on parallel journeys to be at your side and offer mutual support. Connection and collaboration are far more effective than going it alone, and it’s way more fun and exciting!

As you can see, unlike other business trainings that are primarily tactical, the “come from” of Man Business is strategic, energetic, and relational.

Do these principles resonate with how you already think and operate as a leader? Would you like to embody them more fully and watch in awe and wonder as your business grows as a result? 

Man Business is for Experienced Entrepreneurs

Newer entrepreneurs are better served by other programs that teach the nuts & bolts of business in a linear way. (I recommend checking out Heart of Business.)

Man Business is for self-identified men who are growing mission-driven businesses while evolving themselves as visionary leaders.

Specifically, it’s for men who:

  • Lead a transformational service-based business that is contributing to a more beautiful, equitable, and sustainable world at this pivotal time in history.

  • Are masterful at what they do, are already serving clients, and are making a decent income. But something isn’t totally clicking…

  • Are ready to up-level their business and earn more money ($100K+/yr.) by re-envisioning how the pieces of their business fit together and creating new and updated offerings and marketing to attract and serve more clients, more deeply.

  • Are ready to lean into men’s work and are excited for mutual support, accountability, and thought partnership with other visionary men.

  • Are committed to integrity, authenticity, and keeping their relationships clean and clear.

  • Are ambitious and want a balanced and happy life.

  • Are sensitive or highly sensitive, and are ready to do business in a grounded way that works for their nervous systems.

  • Are spiritually-oriented, progressive, and passionate about social justice, or at least open to these mindsets – as they are unabashed values of mine.

Who It's Not for:

The converse of everything above, and specifically men who –

  • Are in a financial pinch and need to make money fast. (Nothing wrong with that, but Man Business tends towards deliberate strategy and gradual growth rather than fast tactics.)

  • Would rather not get invested in other guys’ lives and businesses.

  • Are starting new businesses without previous business success.

  • Are facing significant life issues that would be a barrier to business success. 

 What Men Get Out of Man Business:

They grow, and their businesses grow.


  • Serve more clients and serve their existing clients better.

  • Make more money (usually a lot more money).

  • Enjoy more free time because they know what to focus on.

  • Are more in flow and enjoy their businesses more.

  • Find fuller, more satisfying expressions of their purpose.

  • Feel connected, supported, and cared for.

  • Are more balanced and thriving outside of business.

  • Are less stressed and sleep better at night with their livelihood on-track.

  • Experience their dreams as more closer and achievable than ever.

Brotherhood Community Men's Leadership Intensive_March 2018 - 756.jpg

Hi, I’m Peter Rubin, and I Created Man Business.

Man Business combines two of my passions – connecting vulnerably with other men and pushing the envelope in conscious business.

I’m one of the co-founders of the Brotherhood Community, an organization dedicated to connecting and training new paradigm male leaders – powerful and sensitive men who are creating a more beautiful, equitable, and sustainable world.

So unlike many business coaches, I’m actually in the trenches alongside you, growing a mission-driven organization.

It’s one of my offerings as a “Business Midwife” – I help visionaries give birth to their dream businesses.

One of my best friends is a home birth midwife. I’m fascinated by her work, and the contrast between protocol-driven, intervention-heavy hospital birth, which too often lead to negative outcomes, and her approach that honors the natural intelligence of her clients and their bodies.

One day, in a flash of inspiration, I realized that I was a business midwife. I share her values for love and care and honoring my clients’ inherent business intelligence rather than imposing structures on them. My brand and approach were born.

Some highlights of my educational and professional background:

  • I graduated at the top 5% of my class at Stanford with a BS in Product Design and an MS in Mechanical Engineering, while teaching team dynamics at the Stanford After graduating I worked at IDEO and Daylight, two world-renowned innovation consulting firms.

  • I’ve been a full-time professional coach since 2010. In these last nine years I’ve built various successful coaching brands. The themes of business, community, and men’s work have been woven throughout.

  • I’m well-schooled in business and personal transformation. My professional training includes a Masters Certification in Neuro Linguistic Programming from NLP Marin, a Diversity Facilitator Certification from Stirfry Seminars, and business training from the Stanford Institute for Entrepreneurship and various other conscious (and not-so-conscious) business trainings.

  • But the honest truth is… The most useful business training I have has been received is the hard-won knowledge I’ve gained through blood, sweat, and tears over these last 9 years. It’s deeply gratifying to share this knowledge with my clients.

I value being authentic and real with the people in my life – including my clients – instead of hiding behind the mask of the perfect expert.

I’m lit up by being in connection with other deep-feeling humans, and I care deeply about my clients as people.

I’m driven by learning and excellence, always absorbing and synthesizing new bodies of knowledge.

I’m unwilling to play the games that many other business experts play – constantly positioning and posturing themselves and their work to extract as much money as possible from their clients.

My clients see and value the refined and tailored way I work, the integrity and aliveness I embody and transmit, and the way I tend to our relationship and group dynamics. These are subtleties that are often missed by other programs and coaches, that I hold as crucial to a successful working relationship.

How Does Man Business Work?

The purpose of Man Business is to offer world-class individualized support to conscious men who are growing mission-driven businesses.

You’ll be in a circle with just two other hand-picked men. We’ll make sure you resonate with our circle-mates and you can even join Man Business with men you already know and trust. This format with me as your professional guide allows for a sense of team and 360-degree insight while also being tightly held and guided by my expertise around visionary business.

The scope of Man Business includes and transcends business consulting. Our intention is to create coherent alignment in every level of your being and your business to enable flow. This includes how you’re showing up a human, a man, and a leader; your relationship with your business; your business strategy; and the tactics and actions that you use. We don’t waste time on tactics when we you’re stuck at a more fundamental level – we unstick you there instead.

The style of the program is intimate, authentic, potent, and self-directed. It is not a hand-holding course. It's designed for leaders who – for the most part – know how to take good guidance and run with it. As such, it’s primarily coaching-based rather than curriculum-based, meeting you where you are and taking you where you need to go.

What’s Included in Man Business?

Each month of Man Business you get –

  • A 2.5-Hour Man Business Circle. Potent collaborative sessions for you and your two circle-mates. We’ll center, check-in, and give each of you 30-40 minutes of attention devoted to your business. I hold space, guide the session, dish out my insights, and weave your circle-mates into the conversation. You’ll come away feeling connected, clear, and on fire!

  • A 75-Minute Private Coaching Session with me. This is our opportunity to go deep into more complex or private issues related to your business and/or leadership. Clients are regularly shocked at how much progress we make in a single session – like an entire multi-page marketing plan, or the entire design of a new offering.

  • A 60-Minute Business Strategy Masterclass. The entrepreneur’s learning journey is infinite. Based on the themes I see emerging in Man Business, I’ll pick a topic and prepare a lightning-hot teaching that will take your thinking to the next level. You’ll have a chance to ask questions, begin applying what you learn, and receive with practical takeaways and tools to use in your business.

  • Access to the Conscious Business Codex. A powerful library of business and leadership teachings and tools at your fingertips, launching in January 2019 and becoming more comprehensive over time. A collaborative project with marketing expert Chen Lehner.

  • Contact Between Sessions. I’ll prepare for each session with you so we know exactly what to focus on together. We’ll have a text thread going with your circle for celebrations and quick insights and reflections. For men who desire greater accountability, I will support you to create accountability partnerships with your circle-mates.

How Much Does It Cost?

Man Business is a 6-month minimum commitment, priced at $625/mo. so the total investment is $3,750.

If you’re a great fit for this program, it’s highly likely that you’ll make multiple times your money back for this investment.

And, for men who commit and pay up-front for the January 2019 circle, I’m extending my 2018 rates to you, reducing the price to $3,300.

Want to Multiply Your Results? Double Down With…


If you’re fully reinventing your leadership and business, or otherwise have the resources and desire for an even more extraordinary level of guidance, Man Business Gold is designed to double your results. It includes everything in Man Business Standard, plus:

Double Down on brotherhood
With The Men’s Leadership Intensive.

A hero’s journey packed into a 4-day weekend. Dive into your emotional depths and come out with a new level of power and self-expression and a bold vision for your life and the world. This small group experience offered through the Brotherhood Community will crack you open to your next level of leadership. And you’ll be ripe for…

Double Down on Business
WITH A Private Daylong Business Intensive.

You, me, and your business for a full day. I custom design the entire day based on your needs to create massive breakthroughs in multiple areas of your business such as vision, strategy, offerings, marketing, sales, money, systems, leadership, and more. Like months of coaching packed into a powerful 7 hours.

The investment for Man Business Gold is double the investment of Man Business Standard..

What’s My Next Step?

The next Man Business program begins in January, 2019, and there are just 3 spots available, so if you’re excited about being in this program, let’s talk… pronto.

It’s a quick and engaging application. Once I receive it, we’ll set up a time to talk. Everything you share is private, and I do not hard-sell.

I’m looking forward to connecting, and appreciate you considering this rare gem of a program!

With love,