Your VA is Not Your Slave: How to Hire and Cultivate a Loyal Team

The other day I had the pleasure of interviewing Alexis Morgan, whose writing, art, and speaking centers on truth, justice, and exploring what it means to live a liberated life. As both an entrepreneur and a former VA (virtual assistant) and OBM (online business manager) she has a unique perspective on growing a business through building a team.

In our conversation, we talked about:

  • The differences are between VAs and OBMs, and what each of them makes possible for your business (by the end of this interview, I have a feeling you’ll want to hire an OBM right away!)
  • Her thoughts, as a former OBM, on what makes a good boss and what makes a bad boss. (This empathy is critical to keeping your team happy.)
  • How to hire a VA (i.e. where to look, what to look for, how to vet them)
  • How much do you pay a VA? (And why it doesn’t pay to underpay…)
  • What it takes to keep your VA and OBM with you for a long time, and why that's great for you as a business owner.

We each have a lot of passion for the topic, and I appreciated Alexis’ deep ethical insights throughout. I learned a lot, and while I don’t often say this, I’d say this it’s a must-listen for solopreneurs and small business owners who are growing a team. Enjoy!

More on the guest expert & facilitator:

Alexis Morgan is an artist, writer, activist and culture maker who serves as the Abbess of The Church of St. Felicia. Her work and writing cover a variety of topics ranging from art, to spirituality, to ethical, intersectional feminist approaches to business.

As a business midwife, Peter Rubin helps visionaries give birth to their businesses. Through an extraordinary process of inner growth and outer creation, his clients end up with thriving businesses that are unlike anything else in the marketplace.

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