So Much to Celebrate!

How often do you take time to celebrate? As a recovering overachiever, celebration is something I'm practicing. Growing a business can feel like a grind, unless we take time to pause and celebrate our efforts and accomplishments.

There’s a lot to celebrate right now in my business, and I’d like to share it with you.

On Memorial Day weekend I led the most epic workshop of my career.
The 4-Day Turn On Your Business Weekend involved teaching a room of 40 Orgasmic Coaches how to build their businesses. I had the opportunity to share the fruits of 5 months of intensive preparation and a decade of learning about design, innovation, business, and personal growth. After the weekend, one participant shared – "Harvard Business School never taught me the integration of loving people while doing business."

I had my first $10,000 month and bought a bunch of people ice cream.
After the weekend, a flood of new clients came in and now I’ve got a waiting list. In May I had my first 10K month – a milestone that people in my industry talk about ad nauseum – so I almost skipped celebrating it, but then I had an idea... buying a bunch of people ice cream!

Solopreneur no more.
The last thing I want to celebrate is having a new member on my team, Cait Gordon. It’s been a joy and relief to have someone warm and brilliant to collaborate with daily. We’ve been working on projects big and small, like an upcoming online program and the Failure Jar.

What are you celebrating these days?
I’d like to hear it. Comment on this blog post and share with the world what new and exciting for you. If you’re shy about bragging, get over yourself! People wanna hear it.