How to Have a Sensitive Sales Conversation

The other day I led a teaching call on Sensitive Sales for the True Abundance Oasis, a learning community of soul-guided entrepreneurs.

Usually these teachings are private to the community, but I asked for and received special permission to share an excerpt from this lesson. Woohoo!

To respect participants’ privacy, I trimmed out the check-ins and Q&A, and am sharing just the audio channel of a 28-minute teaching segment on how to lead sales conversation that are gentle, respectful, and effective.

You can listen to the recording above or here on Soundcloud.

I outlined the entire arc of a Sensitive Sales conversation from connecting with your potential client to asking curious questions to sharing what you offer to appreciating their concerns to celebrating and completing the conversation.

It was a lot of fun to teach about sales – a topic that many conscious entrepreneurs are scared of or struggle with – and pull together everything I’ve learned so far in 6 years of learning, practice, and honing my own authentic relationship with sales.

And apparently it’s making a difference! Here’s some of the feedback I’ve been receiving:

“Peter, I think this work is so profound. Because of how much fear and shame people have around it. And you are so uniquely able to bring the combination of heart and structure that people like TAO members need. I believe it is life-changing and is a huge gift you offer. I'm so glad I had a ring-side seat!”

“You did a stellar job today Peter! It was so good how responsive your content was, I could see the impact you had on people at the end because of that.”

After listening to the audio lesson, please scroll down to the comments and share one thing you took away!

With love,

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