On Sensitive Sales

If you’re in business for yourself, sales is essential to your livelihood, and if you’re uncomfortable with sales, it’s what’s between you and your livelihood.

In Daniel Pink’s wonderful book To Sell is Human, he reminds us that we all engage in sales all the time. Getting your kid out of bed in the morning is sales. Asking someone on a date is sales. But if selling is human, why does the term “sales” seem so slimy?

Because we live in a dysfunctional economy, we all carry baggage around marketing, money, and sales. We’ve all been harassed by telemarketers and people on street corners waving petitions in our faces. We’ve all bought into promises that weren’t kept.

Luckily, there’s a better way.

I never meant to be a sales trainer. It’s one of those thing that I’ve stumbled into because I have a strong point of view on how to do sales well, and I’m sick of seeing people get hurt by professionals in my industry who are lacking integrity (occasionally) or skill (often).

To be honest, I made my fair share of mistakes early on in my coaching career and hurt people by being pushy and clueless. Over the past 5 years I've done a ton of learning and practice and I want to share what I know now – that it’s possible to sell with gentleness and respect and still get clients, even at top rates.

Want to learn about Sensitive Sales?
Here are three ways to you can go deeper. Pick the one(s) that are right for you, because that’s what Sensitive Sales is all about…

Taste – Online, for free, in 5 minutes:
I recently posted a 500-word description on Facebook of my Sensitive Sales process. You can read the post here. The amount of positive feedback that I received was a lot to take in! As I read comments like “Best explanation of how I'd love to sell that I've come across so far” and “Wow. Put this in a book” I realized my journey as a Sensitive Sales Trainer was just beginning. 

Appetizer – In person, for free, on April 26th:
Soon after, my colleague Jesse Bloom saw the post and invited me to speak at his event. I’m very excited for what we have planned! On April 26th, we’re facilitating a gathering of conscious entrepreneurs to play with Sensitive Sales and discuss how these principles can be applied in community. Learn more and RSVP for the event here on Facebook. It’s free, and it would be fun to see you there.

Full meal – Yum!
If you’d like to get the full download on Sensitive Sales approach, I offer a 1:1 training that clients have been loving. Learn more about it here and email me if you’re interested in participating.

To selling sensitively,