13 Free + Cheap Healing Resources

If you're doing business from the heart and soul, it's nothing less than a full-on spiritual transformation. It will stir up all of the parts of you that have been wounded and are asking for healing.

If you're tight on money and need some healing, what are you supposed to do? Funny you should ask…

1. Rest

Rest is free. Turn off your phone. Lie down. And rest.

2. Go to the water

Go to the ocean, or a lake, or take a salt bath. Elizabeth Gilbert wrote this post recently that Alla Zollers turned me on to. Animals seek rest + water when they're wounded. As human animals, we would be wise to do the same.

3. Write a Fear Inventory

A practice for dissolving fears. Instructions are here.

4. Listen to sound healings

If you search "sound healing meditation" on YouTube you will find zillions of these. Sometime I am so sick of language that allowing sound to wash over me is the medicine I need. Here's an example. 

5. Listen to your favorite spiritual teachers

Again, YouTube is great. Bentinho Massaro is a favorite of mine right now along with Bashar for law of attraction type stuff. Or you can go the podcast route. I like SoundsTrue's interviews with spiritual teachers, and Audiodharma and Dharmaseed for classic Buddhist teachings. Listening to wisdom has a way of shifting you into the vibration of wisdom.

6. Join an online academy

I like Bentinho's Trinfinity Academy ($40/mo.) with all of his teachings organized into a video-based curriculum.

7. Exercise

Go to a yoga class, take a walk in nature, or go swimming at a local pool.

8. Meditate

Choose a style of meditation that works well for you. If you're really stressed, sitting might not be a good choice. You might prefer to do a more active breathing meditation.

9. Community acupuncture

For as little as $15-20 you can go to a community acupuncture clinic (look on Yelp for one near you) and have needles stuck in you. I have a phobia of needles and yet this is an incredibly relaxing experience for me, like getting a full system reboot.

10. Cuddle + sex

Find a friend to have a platonic cuddle with and get that oxytocin running. Or, have an OM – a mindful sexuality practice. Or, have sex with someone (or yourself!) in a way that feels nourishing to you. Sexual healing isn't just a song, and it's completely free. Woohoo!

11. Go on a medicine journey

This obviously isn't right for everyone, and can be dangerous if you're on psychiatric meds. Watch this documentary to learn how MDMA is being used to treat PTSD patients. If you do this, do it with a clear intention and full information.

12. Talk to a friend

Have your friend hold space for you. Tell them not to give you advice. Just listen and maybe ask an occasional question to help you explore your experience. You can ask for this sort of support in this group.

13. Have a cry

Listen to a sad song playlist on Spotify or make your own sad song playlist. Give yourself a timeframe and let yourself cry. If tears don't come immediately, invite them to the surface. It's a practice.

This list is just the beginning. What are your favorite free + cheap ways to heal?