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Hello, friend!

My name is Peter Rubin, but I also go by "Vitamin P."

After being a transformational coach for 10 years, I've decided to liberate myself from niches and serious titles.

Being a human multivitamin is way more fun and aligned with my core values of freedom, flow, and love.

Welcome to my purpose website!

My jam – I pursue collaborations with purpose.

I believe in the power of small and devoted teams to change the world, and I'm living the experiment of creating a 100% collaborative and purpose-driven livelihood.

My approach is to align myself with people I love and trust, discover how our individual geniuses fit together in service of a shared mission, and get to work in service of humanity!

This is a courageous model that I imagine other conscious, creative, entrepreneurial types would adopt if they knew it were possible. I'm pioneering it and sharing inspiration and insights along the way.

I am currently involved in three collaborations that focus on racial healing, men’s leadership development, and conscious business.

Explore these collaborations below!


Your Custom Business Strategy

In collaboration with Chen Lehner. Our 6-month business development program is a breath of fresh air for coaches and conscious entrepreneurs who want genuine support creating and implementing a simple strategy that’s custom-tailored to their business. If you want meaningful results while following your authentic path…


Black and White: Healing the Racial Divide

In collaboration with Gaylon Logan, Michael Allen, Katie Roper, and others. We are helping to address the immense problem of racial trauma in America, co-facilitating deep and emotionally potent racial healing days that seek to heal the divides between us and within our own souls.


The Men's Leadership Intensive

In collaboration with Robert Schwenkler, Joshua Hathaway, and others. We co-lead transformative leadership trainings that help men redefine masculinity and reclaim their full humanity. We've led dozens of men through our leadership intensive, and they’ve emerged stronger, more attuned, and alive with purpose.